Art Menius for Artists

“A true giant of American folk music” – Dar Williams

“Then came along a guy named Art Menius to pick it up. Without him we wouldn’t have a bluegrass museum and Hall of Fame” – Carlton Haney


Whether promoting your album or helping advance your career, you can put Art Menius’ 30+ years experience, knowledge, strategic vision, and drive to work for you, your organization, or your business at rates you can afford.

wisdom SERFA 2018

Wisdom of the Elders at SERFA 2018 L-R Tracy Schwarz, Ginny Hawker, Art, Billy Edd Wheeler, Jim Rooney

Music Promotion to Folk and Bluegrass Radio is my primary service (click for more information)

Management for:

Publicity, Social Media, and web services

Other Services for Musicians:

  • Crowdfunding campaign consulting or management
  • Promotional support for concerts and tours
  • Marketing
  • Social Media management
  • Writing liner notes, press releases, bios, and one-sheets
  • Tour planning and logistics
  • Conference and showcase applications
  • Obtaining mechanical licenses and publishing information

Services For Authors

  • Book promotion to media
  • Copy editing
  • Research

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Current and former musician and literary clients include Si Kahn, Tiffany Williams,  Louisa Branscomb, Steve Bonham, Zoe Speaks, the Price Sisters, Sara Trunzo, Rachael Kilgour, Rod and Annie Capps, Alice Gerrard, Mike Cross, Phil Cohen, Spook Handy, Grace Morrison, Beth Snapp, Todd Burge, David Holt & Josh Goforth, Dennis Cash, Forest History Society, It’s Not My Mountain, and And Dan. 

To learn more, please email art (at) artmenius (DOT) com or call 919-675-2787