Art Menius Archive

Here I collect raw interview transcriptions and notes, articles that went unpublished for some reason, and other odds and ends.

Unpublished Pieces

John Hartford as I knew him

This will eventually be published at about half this length. I wanted the full piece to be available.

linear group survey report sept 28 1984

Poppy Mountain 2001

Rejected liner notes for Doc & David 2001

Killed Blue Mule Review 2013

Orange County’s Vernacular Architecture Tells Our Stories 

Peace in Orange County April 1865

Interview Notes/Transcriptions

Raymond Fairchild 1994

Derwin Hinson 1998

Les Leverette 1997

Lynwood Lunsford 2000

Poppy Mountain Interviews 2000

Scott Rouse Interview 1997

Doc Watson 1997

Odds and Ends

international bluegrass feb 1986

IBMA congrats BU Dec 1988

Country Music in the Triangle radio show c. 1990

Letter to the Bluegrass Unlimited Editor 1/25/1996

Tony Ellis Bio 1998

Wiffer Ceek bio 2004

Brief History of Bluegrass I 1991

Proclomation Honoring Jim & Jesse 1989


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