Articles 1995 and earlier

As I digitize them, I’ll be moving my oldest (and often best – at least until after 2013) articles to this location.

“The Bennitt Place” Abstract from Joe A. Mobley James City: A Black Community in North Carolina, 1863-1900 (Raleigh: NC Dept of Archives & History, 1981), pp. 111-112

James Bennitt: Portrait of an Antebellum Yeoman (NC Historical Review, October 1981)

Sept 1983 BU cover

My First Cover Story for Bluegrass Unlimited

A New Age in Bluegrass TV (Bluegrass Unlimited Sept 1983)

Fire On The Mountain (The Independent October 1983)

MOUNTAIN MUSICIAN AT THE CROSSROADS: David Holt keeps tradition alive while bringing Appalachian music to millions (Southern Exposure March 1984 p. 40)

A Bluegrass Spectacular [Bluegrass Album Band tour] (Bluegrass Unlimited November 1983)

Memories of a Musical Eden (Spectator Magazine and Bluegrass Unlimited 1984)

BU Cover Oct 1986

Nashville Bluegrass Band October 1996


bluegrass hall of fame (Bluegrass Unlimited Feb 1984)

BU cover Feb 1986

Doyle Lawson & Quickilver

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Festival (Bluegrass Unlimited) March 1984

Midnight Plowboys (Bluegrass Unlimited Oct 1984

Older Musicians Give Character to Fire on the Mountain (Aging 347, 1984)” Aging (No. 347, 1984)

Building Business in Bluegrass (Carolina Business & Finance January 1985)

Marc Pruett (Bluegrass Unlimited April 1985)

BU cover July 1985

Dry Branch Fire Squad July 1985

hartford cover bu june 1985

John Hartford June 1985

John Hartford (Bluegrass Unlimited June 1985)

Phil and Gaye Johnson: Mountain Music for Today (Bluegrass Unlimited June 1985)

Dry Branch Fire Squad (Bluegrass Unlimited July 1985)

Bobby Atkins (Bluegrass Unlimited Aug 1985)

Stompin Ground (Bluegrass Unlimited Aug 1985)

Swift Creek (Bluegrass Unlimited Sept 1985)

Roadside Architecture (Spectator Magazine October 1985)

Seldom Scene Cover

Seldom Scene July 1987


Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver BU Feb 1986

IBMA BU March 1986


Crowe Brothers BU Sept 1986


Nashville Bluegrass Band BU Oct 1986


The New Seldom Scene Article Bluegrass Unlimited (July 1987) PDF

The Lonesome River Band: The Water Rolls High (Bluegrass Unlimited, January 1988)

Old-Time and Bluegrass: Bridging the Gap (Old-Time Herald Summer 1988 v. 1 n. 4)

1989 Statesville Magazine Festival Guide

Snuffy Jenkins Obituary (uncredited, Bluegrass Unlimited June 1990)

Bass Mountain Boys (Bluegrass Unlimited May 1991)

BU cover May 1991

Bass Mountain Boys May 1991

Alison Krauss for the Independent (June 12, 1991)

The Marrow of Tradition: Joe and Odell Thompson The Independent (April 24, 1991) longer version

The Marrow of Tradition: Joe and Odell Thompson Bluegrass Unlimited (September 1992) shorter but with bonus of Odell’s 1994 funeral program

About Folk Alliance for Dirty Linen 1991

Our Ford old time fiddling and dancing BU Feb 1992

Brief History

of Bluegrass 1992

Cameron Village for Encyclopedia of North Carolina

Desert Island Old-Time Albums

Our Ford old time fiddling and dancing BU Feb 1992

Jim and Jesse Liner Notes for Music Among Friends (Rounder, 1992)

IIIrd Tyme Out (Bluegrass Unlimited March 1993)

BU cover Oct 1993

Lynn Morris Band October 1993


Finding the Roses Among the Brambles: The Lynn Morris Band (Bluegrass Unlimited October

BU cover Feb 1994

Raymond Fairchild November 1994


Jeff Presley and South Central Grass (Bluegrass Unlimited December 1993)

Raymond Fairchild Talking Bluegrass (Bluegrass Unlimited Nov 1994)

The Beginnings of IBMA International Bluegrass 1995

Lake Company for Encyclopedia of North Carolina

Medicine Shows for Encyclopedia of North Carolina

Performing Groups for Encyclopedia of North Carolina


Veterans’ Day Songs in Country Music

Columns and Features for Country News 1984-1987

Here and There Columns for The Old-Time Herald 1991-1994

Recording Reviews

Sixteen Music Boulevard Reviews 1995

Dirty Linen Magazine Reviews 1992-1993

Bluegrass Unlimited Reviews through 1995

Old-Time Herald Reviews 1994-1995

Open Ear The Independent Nov 4 1992




1 thought on “Articles 1995 and earlier

  1. Art, we’ve never met, but I’ve been aware of your writing for many years. Glad to have you in Carrboro. My name is Wayne Seymour,and during the 1980’s I was a member of the Sweet Sunny South Stringband along with Ted and Tim Currin and Kinney Doug Rorrer. We gave a concert in Eden, NC with Lonnie Austin and Lewis McDaniel. You followed this up with an article in the Spectator titled “Memories of a Musical Eden” . I would like permission to quote some of this (duly documented” for a planned exhibit in the (NEW) local museum. I would also like to schedule a conversation with you at some point. Thank you. Wayne Seymour


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