The Arts Spot on WCHL Archives


I hosted “The Arts Spot,” a weekly half-hour arts talk program on WCHL-FM 97.9 in Chapel Hill, NC from June 2012 through June 2014. I mostly have shows from 2012.



Concerts at The ArtsCenter 6-1-2012

Tibetan Monks 6-9-2012

The ArtsCenter Art School Open House 8-17-2012

Shirlette Ammons 8-25-2012

Robin and Linda Williams 9-1-2012

Robert Cantwell and Art talk about Woody Guthrie 9-8-2012

FRANK in Focus Photography Event 9-15-2012

“44 Plays for 44 Presidents” 9-22-2012

Carrboro Music Festival 9-29-2012

Gabe Pelli of the Onyx Boys Gypsy jazz group 10-6-2012

West End Poetry Festival 10-13-2012

David Garcia on Latino Music in NC 10-27-2012

Carrboro Film Festival on WCHL “The Arts Spot” 11-5-2013 – link