76th National Folk Festival – Yes! Weekly


The National Folk Festival is worth planning ahead for, penciling some dates on the calendarand coming up with a strategy for how to get to all the shows you’re going to want to see. The free three-day festival is having a three-year residency in Greensboro, and the 2016 festival, which takes place Sept. 9 – 11, marks year two of the run.

Interview with Zydeco Accordion Virtuoso Jeffery Broussard | World Music Central.org


Jeffery Broussard and The Creole Cowboys are set to perform at the National Folk Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina. Concerts dates include Friday, September 9 at 6:00 pm at Wrangler Stage; Saturday, September 10 at 2:45 pm at Dance Pavilion; Saturday, September 10 at 9:30 pm at Wrangler Stage; Sunday, September 11 at 12:00 pm at Dance Pavilion; and The Big Squeeze: Accordion Traditions on Sunday, September 11 at 3:15 pm at Lawn Stage.

The Price of Pork – Chicago Tribune


Hundreds of hog confinements have been constructed across Illinois in recent years, using a factory-like system to grow millions of pigs and put inexpensive bacon on your plate. But a Tribune investigation finds all that cheap meat is coming at great cost to rural communities.

Moving doesn’t get easier with experience – Art Menius

Moving doesn’t get easier with experience – Art Menius

At a certain age, we delude ourselves into thinking accumulated experience helps us avoid repeating mistakes. Then we decide to move and prove that wrong. The very act of voluntary moving is a misstep.

Progressives Need to Stop Ignoring Rural Communities | The Nation

Why have rural communities moved so far to the right? Why have farmers, miners, drillers, loggers, and a host of other working folks become so enthralled with the antigovernment, anti-environmentalist, and antilabor pundits and politicians?

Wolfe legacy lives on in film ‘Genius’ :: The Daily Tar Heel

UNC class of 1920 graduate and renowned author Thomas Wolfe’s life has been brought to the silver screen in the film “Genius”. The film, starring Colin Firth and Jude Law, was released to limited audiences in major cities on June 10, and will make its N.C. debut tonight in Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe Memorial House.

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Quoted from The Daily Tar Heel