Faith Petric (1915-2013)

I just learned reading the AFM Local 1000 newsletter of the passing of the remarkable Faith Petric at 98 seven months ago via a fine obit by Joe Jencks. Visit here for a number of moving and well composed blog posts by Faith’s daughter.

Born halfway between Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger in 1915, Faith had become a guiding spirit of the San Francisco folk singing scene half a century (or half her lifetime) ago. With a vast knowledge of folk songs and a commitment to both community and radical change, Faith inspired several generations, including such artists as Holly Near, Cathy Fink, and Marcy Marxer.

I met Faith at the initial Folk Alliance gathering organized by Elaine and Clark Weissman in Malibu in 1989. A living Wobby and a living Rosie the Riveter Liberty ship builder, there representing the San Francisco Folk Club she had led since 1962 and Sing Out! as a board member and contributor. Faith’s career as a full time folk singer began in 1970 and lasted until September 11, 2010.

A 2010 profile can be found here.

The Sing Out! obituary here.