My Commentary for WCHL on HB2

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Posted May 11, 2016 at 11:24 am


I have to ask, “What kind of Republicans are these?”

Most of the discussion about HB2 has concerned the serious civil rights violations in that law.  Attacking basic civil rights, however, perfectly masked HB2’s ALEC-driven governmental overreach attacking municipal home rule.

HB2’s less publicized provisions eliminate the rights of local governments to protect citizens from discrimination and adopt minimum wages more than the state’s while eliminating the rights of victims of discrimination to pursue redress in the state courts.  And McCrory calls the Charlotte ordinance overreaching?

These right wing senators and representatives are the real RINOs, Republicans in name only, who care nothing about both party traditions and the Constitution of the United States.  They aren’t ignorant of constitutional law, they just don’t care about it or anything opposing their agenda of recreating a homogeneous, white, Christian, heterosexual America that never really existed.

Instead of following Republican principles of small government, pro-business, and individual rights they decimate all three in one poorly constructed bill.

They refuse to reverse course.  These radicals are willing to sacrifice a billion dollars of federal education funding and who knows how much job creation.  Revenue from conventions, sports, events, and tourism seem to matter not one bit.  Nor do the taxes businesses and events would generate for state and local governments.

Again I have to ask, what kind of Republicans are these?

— Art Menius