Wisdom of the Elders at SERFA

SERFA (SouthEast Regional Folk Alliance) Annual Conference Videos

Wisdom of the Elders

One of my most fulfilling annual activities involves hosting the Wisdom of the Elders session on Saturday morning at SERFA. Sonny Ochs created the Wisdom of the Elders program at the NERFA conference. In 2013 it spread to both the Folk Alliance International Conference and to SERFA. Wisdom of the Elders provides a structured opportunity for us to learn from and about our senior leaders and for the Elders to talk among themselves as well. Wisdom of the Elders has rapidly become an essential feature of our Folk Alliance gatherings. Elders over age 70 (on rare ocassions 65) participate in a panel with questions I pose along with each other and audience members.

The 2019 Wisdom of the Elders featured Norman & Nancy Blake and David Wilkes

Jim Rooney, Tracy Schwarz, Ginny Hawker, Billy Edd Wheeler formed the 2018 Wisdom of the Elders panel

The 2017 Elders were Swanannoa Gathering founder and NY Times bestsellering author Doug Orr, 1960’s folk music luminary and Green Linnet Records founder Pat Sky, and veteran activist and musician Reggie Harris.

The 2016 Elders were Peggy Seeger, Freebo, and Lowell Levinger (“Banana”of the Youngbloods)

2015: Ken Irwin, Bill Nowlin, Marian Leighton-Levy, Alice Gerrard, Si Kahn

2014: Alice Gerrard, Margo Blevins, John McCutcheon

2013: Sonny Ochs, Ralph Lewis