How to record your show using a memory stick

Get a 4, 8 or 16 Gig Memory Stick

Insert it into the recorder.

You should see the display say that it’s trying to read the stick, if it says and does nothing cycle the power on the unit.

It you get a screen that’s blank or if you use the stick over again a screen with files on it press the Rec button once.

Look for Red bar on the top of the screen. If it has the letters AGC, hold the Stop button until they disappear.

You are now is pause mode.

There is a little triangle at the very bottom of the screen, hard to see. It should be all the way to the right. If not, turn the wheel on the unit until it gets there, it sets the level and should be all the way up.

Check the format, if you want to record in WAV, click the format button until you see 44.1 WAV on the display. Other options are various bit rates of MP3. Wave creates a large file but it’s loss-less when editing.

Press the Rec button again to record.

When you want to stop make sure you press the Stop button and wait for the “Saving” screen to disappear a screen with at least one file on it should appear. Removing the stick without stopping will cause the last part of the recording to disappear as well as having the potential of trashing the whole recording.

The recorded files will be sequenced and in a directory called iKey on the stick. The date and time are not correct so make sure you label each file by changing the name if you plan on having more than one in there at a time.

From that file you can use Audacity to edit it.