Review James Price The Old Mountaineer

James Price

The Old Mountaineer

Hay Holler Harvest HHH-CD-106

Review by Art Menius for Bluegrass Unlimited November 1994

Louisville Breakdown    Angeline the Baker    The Old Mountaineer    Pretty Little Indian    Solid Gone    Wheel Hoss    Amazing Grace    The Long Bow    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star    Wild Horse on Stoney Point    Mississippi Waltz    The Young Man That Wouldn’t Hoe Corn    Cuttin’ the Rug    Cheyenne

The Old Mountaineer introduces us to a delightful young fiddler of the Baker school, James Price. Currently the latest in the Goins Brothers band’s long line of outstanding fiddlers, the Kentuckian and his talented friends deliver a platter exuding the warmth and vitality of playing music for the pure joy of the experience. From the start the music dances with spirit, engaging the attention of the listener in a way few all-instrumental projects can.

Solidly grounded in the basics of his art, Price displays taste and restraint beyond his years without any loss of exuberance. With pleasant tone and delight in melody, he sets a joyous example for the band. Craig Smith, as always, delivers unmatchable support and nice breaks on the 5-string, while Carl Berggren plays plenty of the exciting mandolin that he supplies with Larry Sparks’ Lonesome Ramblers. The lesser known members of the ensemble enjoy plenty of lovely moments as well.

One couldn’t ask for a disk shimmering with more sincere love for playing bluegrass than James Price’s The Old Mountaineer. This recording sparkles throughout without a weak cut in the bunch; further analysis seems pointless. What matters is how much fun you can have listening to Price and company having even more fun recording one killer cut after another.