Review Jimmy Trivette By Request

Jimmy Trivette
By Request
Jamsu 4951

Review by Art Menius for Bluegrass Unlimited February 2000

Jimmy Trivette, best known as bassist for the bluegrass band Ric-O-Chet, which recorded a couple of fine albums for Rebel, delivers a totally charming album of classic covers plus one original each from Jimmy and wife Sue. Everything on “By Request” is about the singer and the songs, and Jimmy brings both the voice and the material for the job.


Trivette sings in a such a clear and engaging style that you think of Mac Wiseman long before he tackles “By The Side of the Road” and “Love Letters in the Sand.” He handles a variety of styles with aplomb – driving bluegrass on “House of the Rising Sun,” Wiseman speed ballads, a lovely reading of “Kentucky Waltz,” and the acoustic country of Leon Payne’s “Just Say Goodbye to My Dreams.” Then he tackles Bob Dylan’s “Buckets of Rain” and sounds every bit a folk singer-songwriter.


With Trivette taking care of banjo and most of the guitars, supported by his old band mates and bassman Tony Testerman, the musicianship proves first rate throughout. Although Steve Lewis on mandolin in particular takes some nice breaks, those wanting hot licks should like elsewhere for this is a singer’s album. Those desiring powerhouse harmonies or lots of new songs are similarly forewarned. Those folks aside, the vast majority of readers of this magazine would thoroughly enjoy Jimmy Trivette’s “By Request.”