Spinitron Set Up Guide

To comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Spinitron playlist data for WCOM must be entered during the following periods:

March 17-30

June 17-30

September 17-30 and

December 17-30

Setting Up Your Spinitron Account

Each host who plays music must set up a Spinitron account. To do so,

Go to https://spinitron.com/member/signin

On the right half of the page is “Sign up”

Under “Station” enter WCOM

Under “Access Code” enter CarrHill#1035

On the next page enter your:

Email address — to use as your username

Password — choose a password you can remember. You can change it or reset it if you forget it.

Real name, phone number and address — the info you enter should match data your station has on file for you. Spinitron keeps it private; only station management can read it to help with user authentication. ( privacy policies → )

DJ name — for public use

Every new user account must be approved by your station’s management. Until approved, you can create up to three playlists.

After creating your account you are automatically logged in and you can proceed to set up your user profile.

Whenever you log in you’ll need to enter your station’s name, your username, and your password. You can log on from anywhere on the internet.

Our account is setup to use only the minimum five fields required by Sound Exchange:

  • The timestamps (to the second) of the start and end of the spin
  • Song name
  • Artist name
  • Disk name
  • Label name

For any song in their database the software will enter the data recorded except for start time and end time of each song. Each time you enter a song not in the database, it will be added to it.

You can fill in Spinitron before, during, or after the show.

If you do your playlist logging live, the timestamps will be entered automatically.

Spinitron has plenty of help resources:

Their videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpinitronVideo/videos?sort=da&view=0

And a detailed User Guide here: http://spinitron.com/doc/user-guide/