Alison Krauss is kicking off the New York Times Arts and Leisure Weekend

“Alison Krauss is kicking off the New York Times Arts and Leisure Weekend Thursday at 6:00 pm.  She will be interviewed by Dana Jennings.”

Here is a link to the whole weekend and how to get tickets.

For those not able to make the show, it will be streamed.  The streaming link is here:

By Art Menius, 1/5/2012

Adapted from a post on IBMA-L

This is pretty amazing, or rather, pretty far beyond amazing.

The NY Times, however faded its glory, is still the tastemaker for at least the most overpopulated island in America and a good chunk of the East Coast. It is one of the few national newspapers we have and its reputation is global.

Look at whom they have placed on the same pedestal as Alison: Kristin Wig from Saturday Night Live; Philip Glass, arguably the most acclaimed composer living today; superstar filmmaker Seth Rogan; Clive Davis, one of the most famous record company execs ever; Errol Morris, one of the top 5 documentary filmmakers ever; Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, and Josh Charles from CBS’ “The Good Wife” and more.

This is the most important newspaper in the country saying that our little Alison, whom I remember from the 1985 KFC band contest in Louisville, is one of the most important people in the creative arts in the world today.

Can I hear a ‘Nuff Said?

And that on top of appearing on the Tavis Smiley Show where she charmed another audience that may not have known her, even though she has had the greatest success with the black market of any bluegrass musician. Not to mention that Tavis is one of the foremost interviewers on radio or TV today with a fantastic public radio show too with my main man Cornell West where they actually talk about one issue for a whole half hour.

Of course, I predicted all that at the KFC contest. It is just everyone who can confirm that has since passed away.



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