Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway.

Click on this link for a The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway, a media rich presentation of its history.

The Parkway certainly captivated me as a child from at least 1960 on. It is a miracle of engineering, with turns designed so that even the driver can enjoy the views, federal land winding in a strip through private property. Sadly, overgrown trees and bushes obscure many overlooks’ views, and the budget for upkeep of facilities is not what it should be.

The Blue Ridge Parkway remains, nonetheless, a delight in the twenty-first century. Becky and I took advantage of it when we lived just 18 miles away in Wilkes County. Years before we had spent our honeymoon near the Parkway in Floyd, VA. Another time we walked to the 6100 foot peak off the highest part in the Balsam Range in southwestern NC. We came to vast thicket of blackberry bushes, facilitated by the deforestation of the 1980s above 6000 feet, covered with gigantic, sweet berries.


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