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More about Carlton Haney, Camp Springs, and Hazel Dickens from Va Tech’s Jordan Laney


I have recently been digging into research about two specific people: Carlton Haney and Hazel Dickens. The projects are separate, but the work overlaps in unexpected ways. Carlton Haney’s business cards I found scattered on the floor of his office read: “Carlton Haney: ‘Nuff Said'”… but there is so much to this man and what those initial festivals mean to listeners and fans today. And Hazel Dickens… I have to separate myself from listening and researching her. At times it becomes consuming and overwhelming.  Her songwriting is just a facet of who this woman was– strong, aware, unafraid and constantly searching and creating. In both Dickens and Haney I see pieces of those I love and glimpses into who I would like to be.

These are a few images from my fieldwork regarding Carlton Haney. His collection will (to the best of my knowledge) be debuted at Appalachian State University in the near future.


–with Charles Haney…

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